History of the garden

The garden is part of an old coffee plantation and runs beside a ravine that joins other ravines that run all the way up to El Crucero, which serves as a biological channel for many tropical birds. At times you can observe Toucans, Guarda Barrancos ( Nicaragua 's National Bird), Urracas, Humming Birds and other migratory birds like Parrots.

In this lush tropical garden and old coffee plantation you can see the remaining fauna like white squirrels, possums, armadillos, agoutis, iguanas and other small animals like lizards. During the rainy season you can also see the small colorful arboreal frogs named Red eyed , ( Agalychnis callidryas) and a variety of butterflies.

The Tortuga Verde Garden is visited a lot by locals and tourists who come to buy plants and flowers. Some come just to take pictures for a keep sake (a small fee is required). People are usually delighted by walking around to become inspired for their own gardens. Don Roberto works with a small group of professionals in the art of flower arrangements. They make them for all types of events.

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Where are we ?

Residencial Regina, Km. 40 1/2 carretera sur.
Diriamba, Carazo, Nicaragua.

Telefax: (505) 2534-2948
Handy: (505) 899-55731 Movis
Handy: (505) 890-55313 Claro

Roberto Rappacccioli Lacayo

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This web page was one of the three finalists in the last award winning contest  Arroba de Oro, in the category of Hotels and Tourism 2006. Nicaraguan chapter.  This is the most important contest for web pages in Latin America and Hispanic United States.

Lonely Planet´s travel  guide for Nicaragua and El Salvador has the following info. about our place:
Diriamba , Nicaragua.
(Page 108)

The Eco Posada and Green Turtle Garden has been the subject of several tv reports on three local channels. Also the following report was published in the Mosaic section of La Prensa on Sunday March 2nd.