Tortuga Verde, an Eco Lodge and tropical garden, is situated in a self sufficient micro tropical climate that stays fresh and healthy all year around. Tortuga Verde stands 630 meters above sea level, and is located only one kilometer from the town of Diriamba , and three kilometers from Dolores and Jinotepe. Also is located near the University town of San Marcos , home of the only American accredited University in Nicaragua . These towns were known as “The Golden Triangle,” because of the important qualities and quantities of coffee that was produced during the golden coffee era. Some first quality coffee is still being produced in this area.

All of these towns are great to visit. You can enjoy the culture and peacefulness while walking around, taking a motor taxi, enjoying the tranquility of its parks and admiring the interesting selection of architecture of private homes, churches and public buildings.

These are very old towns that prospered because of the coffee boom in the first half of the 20 th century. The tropical garden is also only half an hour from the beaches like, La Boquita , Casares, Huehuete and others. There is also the river and ecological reserve of La Maquina , with its expectacular water fall. Also in Jinotepe and Diriamba you can find good restaurants with different international cuisines. (

Only 40 minutes from Managua, 40 min. from Granada, One and a half hour from San Juan del Sur. Also close to all the towns and turistic places on the meseta.

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Where are we ?

Residencial Regina, Km. 40 1/2 carretera sur.
Diriamba, Carazo, Nicaragua.

Telefax: (505) 2534-2948
Handy: (505) 899-55731 Movis
Handy: (505) 890-55313 Claro

Roberto Rappacccioli Lacayo

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This web page was one of the three finalists in the last award winning contest  Arroba de Oro, in the category of Hotels and Tourism 2006. Nicaraguan chapter.  This is the most important contest for web pages in Latin America and Hispanic United States.

Lonely Planet´s travel  guide for Nicaragua and El Salvador has the following info. about our place:
Diriamba , Nicaragua.
(Page 108)

The Eco Posada and Green Turtle Garden has been the subject of several tv reports on three local channels. Also the following report was published in the Mosaic section of La Prensa on Sunday March 2nd.