Around the garden you can find a few sculptures by the well known Sculptor and Artist from Managua named “Aparicio Arthola”(Sculptures),(Article by Juan Chow)He bought these sculptures from an exhibition he had at the garden. Also, we have had Painters showing their work in the garden. We have also disseminated reproductions of old Indian stone Idols. However; the most interesting of all, the legitimate 1 Meter high stone Idol which is older than 500 years was one of approximately 20 other Idols of about the same size founded in an ancient sanctuary or ceremonial centre in the middle of what still was an almost virgin Dry Tropic jungle.( With Howling and White Face monkeys, Deer and Jaguars etc.). They were found during the last years of 40´s in a huge farm owned by the Rappaccioli family. This farm is located between La Boquita and Pochomil. The Idols were distributed around Diriamba. Some were put into exhibits in the old school of Instituto Pedagogico de Diriamba, others were put in the park of Diriamba and some outside the house of Horacio Rappaccioli. The one we have now in the Tortuga Verde Garden was inherited from Roberto’s father. All the others that were seen in public areas have disappeared into local homes.

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Residencial Regina, Km. 40 1/2 carretera sur.
Diriamba, Carazo, Nicaragua.

Telefax: (505) 2534-2948
Handy: (505) 899-55731 Movis
Handy: (505) 890-55313 Claro

Roberto Rappacccioli Lacayo

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This web page was one of the three finalists in the last award winning contest  Arroba de Oro, in the category of Hotels and Tourism 2006. Nicaraguan chapter.  This is the most important contest for web pages in Latin America and Hispanic United States.

Lonely Planet´s travel  guide for Nicaragua and El Salvador has the following info. about our place:
Diriamba , Nicaragua.
(Page 108)

The Eco Posada and Green Turtle Garden has been the subject of several tv reports on three local channels. Also the following report was published in the Mosaic section of La Prensa on Sunday March 2nd.